Wedding Dress: 10 Things You Should Know To Get Your Right One

Wedding Dress: 10 Things You Should Know To Get Your Right One

Each bride's journey to finding her dress is unique. Not every bride imagines a white wedding for her big day. While tradition is all well and good, we definitely live in a day and age where the “normal” route is not the only one to take. In fact, doing something unique and one-of-a-kind is widely considered the way to go, especially for your special day! Here are 10 things you should know before going wedding dress shopping.

Do your homework in advance. Start by looking at dresses online and in bridal magazines to get a sense of the styles you're drawn to. Are there certain designers you keep going back to? Follow them on social media and you'll find out about more styles (and sales) that way.

Set a budget. You really have to be honest with yourself, your family, and your fiancé(e) and determine how much you're able to spend on the dress — before you make your try-on appointment.

Allow yourself ample time to get your dress. You may need to schedule your appointment a month in advance. Then, you'll need at least six months before the wedding for the dress to get made, but eight to 10 months is the average. Give yourself a year for the whole process and you won't feel rushed.

Don't go to your dress appointment with a big entourage. You'll feel outnumbered by all the voices. It's important to only bring someone whose opinion you truly respect and want.

Consider the neckline of your dress. This will help you decide what accessories you will be wearing – some necklines scream for a statement necklace, others call for a demure set of pearls. And, in some cases, you'll feel that the dress alone is enough! Especially if your choice has an embellished or lace bodice and/or sleeves.

Be open-minded. Have an idea of what you want but don't be locked in and dead set. Your consultant may try something different on you because nothing is clicking — and that's when you might find a dress you love.

Bring a pair of heels if you know what heel height you want. The salon will have shoes, but if you already know you're going to slay the aisle in 6-inch stilettos, bring those to your appointment.

You'll have to sign a contract. It can seem scary, but a wedding dress is a pretty major purchase for most people. And because so many wedding dresses are expensive, made-to-order pieces, both parties need to be protected.

You'll save money by going to a trunk show. Boutiques offer discounts and you'll be seeing more dresses from that designer than the boutique usually carries.

Don't cheap out by trying to buy a dress online. Many e-tailers (usually out of China) sell knockoff gowns but that's a really risky choice. You might end up losing money in a scam, or just getting a dress that's not what you expected it to be. Remember that this is your wedding — it's supposed to be special.


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