For someone as sensual as Taurus, the off-the-shoulder trend that's on fire right now would be perfect on your wedding day. Not only are you romantic, you love pretty things, and there's something so incredibly gorgeous about a bare shoulder with fabric draped along the arm.​

The well known dual personality traits of the Gemini bride can often lead her to some indecisiveness when it comes to picking her wedding gown, as she may not want to settle with “one look.” This wedding pantsuit with a full skirt allows the Gemini to express her creative personas.​

Guided by emotion, the Cancer bride leads with her heart. That’s why this sweetheart neckline is the sweetest sentimental gown. From the elegance created by the hanging shoulder straps, to the romance of the lace detailing, you’ll definitely be feeling the love when the Cancer bride walks down the aisle.​

Leo needs to make the most dramatic entrance when they start playing your down-the-aisle tune. Get a dress with a cape so you look like a superhero, or a dress with a big-ass bow. Whatever you do, all eyes are going to be on you.​

Virgo: Your eye for detail won't be lost on your wedding dress. Nothing would make you swoon more than a gown with complicated embroidery or lacework.​

Ruled by Venus aka the Planet of Love, our Libra brides need a dress nothing short of romance. Flowers and delicate lace abound in this arena, and that's what you'll gravitate toward.​

A fiery passion burns deep within the Scorpio bride, whose gown needs to match her beautiful intensity. There's so much you want, including a scorching hot dress. Luckily, there are so many super-sexy bridal looks on the market that you won't be hard-pressed to find the one that's right for you.​

Adventurous and free-spirited, the Sag bride is not afraid to try something new. The petal embroidery truly emulates the high energy and optimism of the Sagittarius bride, while the gold ombré effect of the skirt creates a vibrant dress for the outgoing and enthusiastic personality of the Sagittarius.​

Being grounded is the trait of Capricorn and you don't need any frills on your wedding day. This sweet lace paired with the most stunning flower crown (that almost represents the horns of the Capricorn Goat) is the ultimate look for our ambitious and intelligent Capricorn brides.​

Creative and not afraid to stand out, this stand-out dress is the absolute show stopper for our independent Aquarius brides. The beading and sparkle of the gown highlights the cheerful and unique personality of the humanitarian Aquarius.​

Flowy flowy flowy: That's Pisces in a nutshell. You're dreamy and unpredictable and romantic, of course. The ocean that courses inside of you is going to find its way into your dress, for sure.​






Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress Based on Your Astrological Sign

Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress Based on Your Astrological Sign

Aries are very positive in nature, and this stunning dress is nothing short of being both elegant and care-free–featuring a gorgeous flower detail at the waist that is perfect for our Spring babes.​

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